Are you busy right now?

This Tuesday, I was so fortunate to be able to attend the Pennsylvania Conference for Women (wow--what a great day we had! Here is a picture of Jo Ann, Annette and me on the train into the city that morning... :) )


One of the sessions that inspired me the most at the conference was called "Why Simple Wins" given by Lisa Bodell, business woman and author of a book by the same name.

Her talk focused on how as a culture we wear "Busy" as a badge, without really stopping to think about what it costs us.
We unconsciously make our lives complex (because it really seems it has to be this way, right?) and as a result, simple doesn't stand a chance.  

I wanted to remind you (AND ME) this week that it doesn't always have to be about the doing. 

Sometimes it should just be about the BE-ing.

This is a challenge when our lives are SO BUSY--including the life in our homes where there are always dishes to be washed, laundry to be done,  floors to be swept,  and papers to be sorted. 


And when you are all done with that (ha ha) there are a few windows that are rotting, a gutter that is clogged, and a roof that needs to be replaced. 

With all this busyness, will we will ever be able to sit down, rest and enjoy?
 Or will we just fall over in exhaustion?

So, if you are waiting for your check list to be done, your hamper to be empty, or your Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot to be scheduled so you can really sit and savor your home...

Please don't.

Embrace simplicity and just follow the lead of your dog or cat, if you happen to share your home with one....


Be relaxed, be curious....

You know, just BE.


The reason we own our homes (other than the fact we need to be warm and dry, of course) is to hopefully derive some pleasure and enjoyment out of them.

So, how do we get to the place where we can just be?  

How can we be sure we are taking time aside from our busyness to be still and enjoy?  

I believe it comes from the acceptance of  imperfection-- imperfection that will be there whether or not we rail against it, whether or not we acknowledge it, whether or not we work our fingers to the bone, whether or not we ever sit still.

Being able to sit down, sit still,  and JUST BE comes from a place of comfort with the idea that everything cannot be perfected, accomplished, experienced, cleaned, organized, nor mastered, and that does not diminish who we are or the beauty of where we live.

Alright, I have to close now because I have SO much to do this afternoon. (just kidding, just kidding...)