A Little Soul Searching...

Soul Searching.jpg

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl named Goldilocks...

Do you remember her? 

What you remember about the story may be different that what I remember. Despite the adorable cottage in the woods, the three bears, the exceedingly hot porridge, I always reflect on the small, medium and large furniture (ooh, what choices!) and the darling little girl that had the hutzpah to seek and find the one that was just right.

Oh, we can learn so much from Goldilocks! (I mean, once you get past the whole breaking and entering thing...)

So what does it mean when something is "just right?"

Well, to me just right = soulful, or soul-filled--and living in a house that feels like this is a gift that brings beauty, balance, and joy to us every single day. 

However, it is a much more common thing that we settle for living in a house that is far from 'just-right.' This is not our fault, we just don't know how to create anything different--no one has ever shown us the simple steps that help us round that corner from drab and frustrating to soulful and satisfying.

And trust me, it has nothing to do with buying all new furniture. (After all, Goldilocks used what she had right there on hand!)

Sometimes it is easier to see what something IS by learning what it isn't. SO, let's talk about the opposite of soul-filled or just right--here's a few adjectives: 

  • impersonal
  • flat or drab
  • "in style" or "fashionable" (yes, just because something is the height of 'what's in,' doesn't mean it will speak to your soul.)

So, remember--be like Goldilocks. Have the hutzpah to claim your just-right soul space. It will add so much to your life and just feel like home.

If you are wanting to learn some simple steps to creating a soul-filled space of your own, I am offering a FREE class this coming Tuesday, OCT 24th. Check out all the details here! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!