Renovate - Restore - Redesign

More than a project. A reflection of you.

Revealing Redesign is different from other designers. We take a holistic view of your house and how you live in it. We start with clearing away anything that is in the way of it functioning well--such as clutter, poor room layout, or other obstacles--while also embracing the existing things that are working, such as family heirlooms, cherished furniture, or the original architectural interest of your home. We add in the personality that makes it YOURS, so that when it is finished it looks just as it you always dreamed it could.

Why Choose Revealing Redesign?

  1. Creative ideas.

    You may have a clear idea for your project or may feel stuck with what to do or how to make it happen. No worries. We are experts in creative ideas and will help you design the room of your dreams!

  2. We make the most of what you already have on hand.

    This keeps your home feeling like “you” and saves you money. When the project is complete, you won’t feel like you’re living in a stranger’s home. It will feel more like “you” than ever before!

  3. We are great listeners.

    We don’t just rush in and take over. We truly care about your vision and ideas and concerns. We listen first. Then talk.

  4. Patient and caring.

    We promise to never make you feel dumb or rushed. We know what a big deal this is and respect you and your home.

  5. 12 years of experience.

    Other designers pop up and close down within just a year or two. We have a proven track record for over 12 years. We are calm, consistent, and steady. We won’t disappear or stop communicating. We are here for you.

  6. We are experts in ingenious solutions!

    Clients rave about the results because they never could have imagined their problem turning into such a beautiful finished product. We love a challenge!

  7. We are "game changers" for your house.

    We hear it all the time. And we are proud of it. We know houses and we know people. And it’s our joy to serve our wonderful clients.

  8. We take frustrating rooms and truly make them feel like home.

    Sometimes a room or space feels “off” and you just don’t know why. The flow isn’t there. Or it just doesn’t fit your life anymore. Maybe your stage of life has changed or you finally have time to tackle the project. You’re in good hands with Revealing Redesign. We love taking the most frustrating room and transforming into a beautiful space for you to treasure and enjoy!

  9. We recreate spaces so that they feel good on a SOUL level.

    There are many designers out there that will give you the latest trend or style. That’s not what we do. We get to the heart of our clients and match their redesign with their soul. It’s kind of magic and we can’t quite explain how it happens but we just know people love it!

  10. We create AMAZING, transformational results for our clients.

    And it’s easy to get started. Just reach out and we’ll listen to what’s going on. We want to hear all about it. This is your time. Let’s do it together.


Renovating your home can be about so much more than just replacing what is old and worn out...


Whether it is a humble old farmhouse, a grand gothic "cottage," or a Mid Century ranch home, buildings of a certain age deserve respect and a bit of reverence...


It can be frustrating to have a room that seems to have all of the elements one should need - such as a beautiful couch, a nice wall color, a lovely rug...and yet something is still missing...

Lead Magnet 2.jpg

We are loving the “new” house...we are at a good place now and I am taking a pre-baby break. And really, you helped us fix the key things for me. I feel so much calmer in my bedroom. It’s funny: I knew the bedroom décor irritated me before, but I never knew how much! I also love seeing the baby’s painted, more calm/focused bedroom. I have been amazed that the simplest things — fresh flowers, throw pillows, relocating the living room bookshelves, and re-orienting the kitchen table — make such a difference. So, thank you again for helping us combine form and function.
— Susan Henderson | Media, PA