Old Churches & Old Windows--OH MY! (Before & After)

Last week was SO much fun--just about as much fun as a House Whisperer can have. :)

I was on the road again to the Church House--my clients' new home which used to be a house of worship.

With the "bones" in place from my last visit where we put furnishings in place to create rooms within the large sanctuary space (you can see that video here), we were now able to focus on what I call the "top layer"--decorative accessories--the things that really make a room feel like home. 

Here is a quick video tour of all that we accomplished...

And here are a couple of still photos of the space both BEFORE and AFTER: 

Church House Before.jpg
Church House After 1.jpg
Church House After 2.jpg

The Top Layer is a thing that is often overlooked, ignored or avoided all together because life is busy, a room can function pretty well without it, and a lot of times we just aren't sure what to do to make a space really come together...so we don't even try. 

But, as you can see, taking the time to put these finishing touches on a space makes a world of difference to how the space feels--and living in a place that FEELS like home is what we all long for. 

If you aren't sure what steps to take to add the top layer to spaces in your home, did you hear that I am hosting a FREE CLASS next Tuesday?? Check out all of the details here, and make sure to click "GOING" to register yourself and save your seat. Hope to see you there!!