Whether it is a humble old farmhouse, a grand gothic “cottage,” or a Mid Century ranch home,  buildings of a certain age deserve respect and a bit of reverence. 

With so much character and history held within their walls—and oftentimes a lot of updating needed for modern life as well—it can be daunting to think of how to renovate and preserve at the same time.

Erin started Revealing Redesign in 1996 because of the joy she found respectfully renovating her own 1778 farmhouse. She is dedicated to helping her clients that own vintage buildings create current, comfortable, stunning homes that retain and highlight the original spirit and character of these old beauties. 

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Maine Home Restoration

Here is a quick house tour of the 1891 Maine Cottage Erin has been working on since 2014!

Join her for a stroll through its historic rooms and hear about the changes she has made to bring it back to life. 

See the Completed Project

Client Testimonials:

Erin knows how to turn your home into everything you’ve wanted- and she does it in a graceful, loving manner. Listen to her and trust her. It was a great investment for me!!
— KT--Berwyn, PA

Erin has an amazing ability to just walk into a room and see how it could be more balanced, comfortable and beautiful. What she was able to do in just a few short hours was astounding. I am so grateful to her for turning rooms I avoided in the past into my favorites spaces in the house.
— Emily Everhart-Brooklyn, NY