Renovating your home can be about so much more than just replacing what is old & worn out. When done with intention and vision, a renovation is a chance to create something stunningly beautiful while also making for better function and flow—changes that can have a profound effect on you and how you live in your house day-in and day-out.

Erin is passionate about helping her clients truly rethink the rooms they want to renovate so all of the hidden potential is realized. Revealing Redesign renovations result in beautiful, balanced, delightful, and light-filled spaces that are a joy to use, share and spend time in. 

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Client Testimonials:

Erin Cochran was vital the success of our kitchen renovation. After saving for many years for this major project, I felt paralyzed by the overwhelming number of decisions and was fearful of making mistakes. Erin came for a consultation and I knew that I could trust her instincts for how to make the most of the space. She made two key decisions that we will never regret—- saving a window to let in more natural light (versus adding to the bank of cabinets) and getting rid of a wall that completing transformed this traditional colonial into a gorgeous open concept home. In addition, Erin convinced us that we could scale back on the overall renovation and still achieve what we were looking for in the remodel. Her instincts and knowledge about how to make the most of the space that we have rather than adding on additional space saved us a lot of money in the long run. If you are undertaking a project— large or small—- and need another opinion that you can trust, I would suggest calling Erin for her guidance and expertise. We are so pleased with our home.
— Susan Damico-- Wallingford, PA

We hired Erin as a design consultant in 2012 when we bought our new “old” home. Erin helped us renovate the entire first floor, including a completely remodeled kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace and hardwood floors. From the minute we met her, we realized that she was full of new, fresh and innovative ideas (for example at our first meeting, she came up with an idea to install a sky light in our kitchen with a low ceiling- which has dramatically improved the amount of natural light in our kitchen). She understood our needs and design style right away. She was pleasant, reliable and always available. She meandered us through many tough decisions (including tiles, flooring, granite choices etc.) and navigated our “decision fatigue” effortlessly. She masters the perfect balance of guidance without being intrusive or overtly influential. We felt that, through (and with) her, we could express our style beautifully. She worked seamlessly with our contractor and painter, and laid out all plans with them with our minimal involvement. We absolutely love how Erin helped transform our house into a beautiful home that we can truly call our “own”. We would hire her again anytime!
— Charu A--Penn Valley, PA

Erin has great vision for space and how it can be transformed for greater function and beauty. Erin really listened to our ideas and asked many questions in order to bring clarity and focus to the design. She guided us in the selection of quality materials that brought texture to a well integrated, clean design. This design has proven itself with three generations of cooks. After two years, we still marvel at its beauty!
We wouldn’t change one thing.
— Phillip Goslin--Media, PA