Whoa--there are some fun changes going on around here!

New Addition.jpg

We aren't even three weeks into 2017 yet, but there are so many fun changes and exciting things going on already that I can't wait to share with you. 

First, the picture above is of a new addition that I designed for a long-time client last year. After many months of planning and dreaming, the new space is becoming a reality! I stopped by at the job site yesterday to see how it is taking shape, and it is just soooo exciting to see the walls and roof being put in place.

SECOND--back in October I received a call from a new client who was interested in my help with reworking the island in her kitchen.

She had selected the countertop, paint color and backsplash in a rush as the room was being built a few years ago, and had never been happy with how the room came together... 

I got to see how things were progressing yesterday, and I was so glad to hear her say how much SHE LOVES the room now!

As you can see below, we redesigned the cabinetry so now she has a level counter--providing much more usable space. We also selected a gorgeous soapstone countertop, which compliments the granite around the perimeter (something she and her husband did not want to change) and goes so well with the historic character of her farmhouse.

The backsplash and new paint have not gone as of yet, but when they do, this room is really going to sing! The granite around the perimeter of the kitchen will no longer have to compete with the busy small tile above it, and the new colors will soften the room and make it more soothing--as well as compliment the gorgeous stone found in this old farmhouse.


And the last but NOT THE LEAST of all of these new changes is this very website you are on! 

I am so excited to reveal Revealing Redesign's BEAUTIFUL new website that was just completed in the last days of 2016!

I am SO PROUD! You can read all about how this new site was created by my amazing friend Elizabeth Fanslow right here. 

So many amazing things in the past two weeks--looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2017 has in store!