Keep Calm & Throw It Out

The feeling of calm is something that can be in short supply in our busy lives--and it is the feeling that most of us long to create in our homes. 

Should be easy, right? 

The mistake we can make is thinking that to improve a room, we have to ADD something. But in this case what is missing is CALM, and to create this much sought after feeling, we most often need to take something away. 

Because we are such busy people, we often have a lot of STUFF out in our homes and don't realize how this changes how we feel each day. 

You see, when we have a lot of stuff sitting out, it is almost like having a group of people all talking at us at the same time. You may not really "see" all of those items on the shelf or stuck on the refrigerator anymore --it may have become white noise to you--but trust me, they are still trying to get your attention and causing a commotion every time your eye glances over them....

What things around your home can be taken down, donated, thrown out, put in a drawer, or stored in such a way that it gives you some visual rest? Having less on the surfaces in our homes automatically makes it feel more settled. It helps us to feel more calm. 

And peace and calm is what I wish for you, dear friends!