What if it were possible?

I think this is the best time of year to ask ourselves this question. I really do. 

We are just a few days into a new year--a time when many people long to make a fresh start, to make big changes, to feel the thrill of possibility. 

What if ________ were possible??

Thrilling, right??

One of the most important things I learned a few years ago, during a time of intense personal growth, was to ask myself this very simple question when I came upon something that seemed like a roadblock or a limitation (which happens a lot when you are really stretching yourself).  

For example, if in 2017 you are thinking of changing jobs, getting the pet hamster you have been dreaming of, embarking on a home renovation (my personal favorite! :), or some other life-altering undertaking, you may find yourself saying limiting things like:

I don't have time for this!

That is too expensive.

That will never work for me.

I'm too old for this kind of craziness!

I can't stand cleaning up hamster poop.

This negativity will happen. You know it will. SO this is the time when you simply step back and ask yourself this question: 

What if it were possible....?

and you then fill in the blank :

"What if it were possible that I could easily find the time/money I needed to accomplish this?"

"What if it were possible that I am at the perfect age and time of my life for this to happen? "

"What if it were possible that I could toilet train my new pet hamster?"

I mean, who's to say it isn't??

It isn't important to answer this question, just to ask it. Write down your question and leave it somewhere where you will see it often. Read it out loud. Allow yourself to ponder the possibility. :)

May the year ahead be one in which we all stretch and grow, dream big and keep putting one foot in front of the other. And as we go along, let's keep asking ourselves and those we love this question that is so full of possibility:

What if it were possible...?

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