Is yours a YES, or a no?

This is the time of year when we start thinking of all the things in our lives that we wish were just a little--or maybe a whole lot--different. 

A new year, a new start? 

I have friends that have a wonderful tradition of picking a "word of the year," a single word that encapsulates all that they hope 2017 will be for them--an ideal to work towards, a touchstone to bring them back to what matters, a mantra to focus on when they feel they are getting off track. 

I know others who are focusing on changing just one behavior. As it is said, change just one thing, and see all of the amazing results that can come from that one simple shift... 

But what about your house? How does this environment that we spend so much of our time in contribute to your vision for the new year and beyond? In reality, it can either hold us back or help push us forward, each day it can either encourage or discourage us in the things we want to do and long to create. 

When you picture your home in your mind's eye, do you have the gut feeling of "YES!"--or maybe do you get a weak, milk toast feeling of "no"...?

If you have ever been to one of my workshops, you know that I often start the class with a guided meditation of sorts where we picture one of your life's "best places," a place where you felt the most like yourself when you were a kid or young adult.

You should see the serene smiles on people's faces when they revisit these beautiful locations in their mind. This is what a YES looks like. 

If you know that you want to make a change in 2017, and want your home to be a part of creating that meaningful shift--if you want that YES-- I have just the thing for you! Here is a special tool to get you off on the right foot as we turn the page on the calendar. 

This will only be available for the next two weeks, so don't delay--CLICK HERE to check it out. Happy New Year!!