All That Darkness--That Little Mighty Light

Last year at this time someone told me a story about a person completely enveloped in darkness, locked in a room so dark they couldn't see their hand when held just inches in front of their face. That darkness seemed all-powerful, omnipresent...that is until someone lit a candle. 

As dominant and dire as the darkness had seemed, it was completely powerless against the small flame of a single candle.  The light was small, but it was mighty. 

We have just lived through the shortest, darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice--a cold, dreary time of year when things can feel pretty bleak. BUT NOW the days will be becoming longer and brighter. Little bit by little bit we are moving toward the light. 

May each of us live into our potential to be a small but mighty source of light in a world that can indeed be very dark at times --and may our homes be sources of comfort, healing, beauty and rest so that our light can shine all the brighter. 

The darkness will be powerless against it.