Your Vision For The New Year (How To Attract More of What You Want, & Less of What You Don't)

A vignette of my vision board that I created at this time last year...

A vignette of my vision board that I created at this time last year...

It is really hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you are going…but I bet you feel there is somewhere you want to go and all kinds of things you want to create with this glorious new year stretching out ahead of us!

Maybe you want 2015 to be a new kind of adventure, but you aren't sure what that is yet. 

Maybe there is just this nagging in your gut or a longing in your heart, but deciphering what that sensation is trying to tell you is hard amid all of the noise and commotion of everyday life….

Maybe this is the year that you want to embark on a renovation--either of your house or of yourself!

The thing is, if we could only just picture it (whatever "it" is) then maybe we could find our way there.

That's why this is the perfect time of year to make a vision board….

I have found that one of the best ways to figure something out,  to create a way to move forward, is to stop using least for a little while. A vision board is just the ticket in--a way to translate the language of our hearts. 

Have you ever created a vision board before? A vision board is a collection of pictures, a collage of sorts, that helps to "get on paper" what is in our hearts. Because images can speak to our souls in a way that words cannot, gathering pictures that pull at our heartstrings and then displaying that board where we can see it every day, focuses our attention and helps us to create more of what we truly want in our lives. 

This is why I will be teaching a workshop on creating your vision board for the start of the new year: Follow Your Heart Home--Creating A Vision Board For 2015

Join me for an amazing evening of visioning with some scissors, glue, and a few other ladies to quietly encourage one another as we map out the amazing year ahead. (Of course, there will be wine and cheese, too!)

Three of the ten spots available in this workshop are already taken!  If you are interested, please don't delay--CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

Here are the details:

When: Thursday January 8th at 7pm 

Where: Locust Hill Farm 327 W Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063 (across from Wawa Corporate Center).

Materials: Poster board, glue, and magazines will be provided! We ask that each participant bring 2-3 additional magazines to share as well for a great variety of images. :)

Admission: $15 until December 31st (from Jan 1st on, cost is $25)

Here's to an AMAZING 2015!!

Taking time out for yourself to become clear on exactly what you want to create in your life is a powerful thing! Hope to see you there! Click here to register now.