Don't Forget The Icing

Cake is good, right? But cake is even better with icing!

You see, a lot of us have rooms that represent a really solid, moist, delicious cake--but we don't know what to do to add the icing that will make it sensational. 

This is what I call the "top layer"--the decorative elements that when put in place make for a whole new kind of pulled-together, stunning space that is so much more than the sum of its parts. 

The room pictured here was just that kind of thing. 

photo 3.JPG

My clients called me to help them pull the room together.  A lot was already in place: a bed and duvet they liked,  walls freshly painted in off-white, curtains they had just purchased, family heirloom tapestries brought back from India a couple of generations ago...

But how can all of these things be brought together in such a way that the room will really sing?

I knew a few things would make a big difference…and here is the result:

I wanted to make a feature out of the antique tapestries that were so unique--so we had them reframed, and hung them front-and-center over the bed. 

Also, to give the eye a bit of a break from the many patterns in the room, we incorporated a new white coverlet and pillow cases. The additional throw pillows resonate with the colors from the wall hangings. The center pillow is so different with its terra cotta stitching and mirrored details--also from India, I practically jumped up and down when I found it!! :)

New lighting throughout the room was needed, and after I gave them my input for what they should look for, my clients found lamps while on vacation--blue and white to fit with the color scheme.

My clients, who are dog lovers, had a collection of what they affectionately called "Big Dog, Little Girl" prints that they also wanted in the room.  To make it strong visually, we created a gallery across the other walls of the room, grouping these pieces together. 

Simply adding the right details in the right way can make all the different parts come together into a delicious, beautiful result!