What Is Lurking In Your Closet?

"So, do you want to start today with clearing out the things you aren't using or don't like anymore in your closet?" I asked, hopefully.... I had just arrived at a long-time client's house, and knew that she wanted to work on developing a new closet system to make the most of her storage space.

Knowing that I always start with moving things out of the way that are just clogging the works, she agreed:

"Oh, okay--sure...I just did give a bunch of stuff to Purple Heart, but we can see if there is anything else that might need to go. There might be one or two things."

Closet 1Two hours later, we had seven large trash bags of donations to take out to my car, one big trash bag that was simply trash, and one very happy designer/declutterer person! Closet 2SO SATISFYING. Now the design for that new closet will be even more effective and the results more beautiful, dealing only with the things that my client really LOVES and truly wants to keep. I think it is safe to say that as much as 60% of what had been stored in this closet was CLUTTER. Closet 3It is important to remember how cunning and clever clutter is...it has a way of hiding in plain sight as useful, needed items. But  if we take the time to look at each item carefully, we will see things for what they truly are--truly. AND gain all kinds of space we didn't even know we had!