A Window Into Things At My House

This past winter it became painfully obvious that things were going to have to change around here...Addition Repairs Windows that had been installed in our house in the 80's (the newest in our house, mind you) had passed the point of no return, and we knew we were facing a big expense to replace them.

The siding and other details on this portion of the house also needed attention....

new windows 1

After my husband and I took turns having temper tantrums (listing all the other things we would much rather spend the money on...yadah, yadah, yadah...), we both realized: "WAITAMINUTE, this could be a really good thing!"


Here was an opportunity to improve something that we had always felt was holding the house back...


This part of my house, an addition put on in 1989 by the previous owners, admittedly had never been my favorite. It is the most visible part of our house--obscuring the more charming parts that were built in the 1700's and mid-1800's. Instead of simply replacing what was worn out, we could think about what would make a big impact and really improve the situation. It was the time to add some architectural detail that would visually pull the house together and give it so much more curb appeal.


So, it was time to call Victor Burgos and get down to work!

new windows 2 New windows 3 New Windows 4

Now that it is all done, I have to say that it was some of the best money we have ever spent.

try againnew windows 5 New Windows 9

Now the window style (2 over 2's--two panes of glass over two panes) makes way more sense with the Victorian part of our house than the single panes did before,New Windows 7

we made sure that the trim around each window gave it more presence and historic charm,

New Windows 10 New Windows 11

and investing in expert craftsmanship and installation makes all the difference in your end result. New Windows 12

When it is time to replace something around your house, be sure to take some time to consider the changes that will make the replacement an improvement that is so much more than just new materials.  It will cost a little bit more in most cases, but will significantly increase your enjoyment of your investment.