Your Monthly Homework Assignment:You've Got To See It!

Closet 1 As you know, earlier this month I helped a client begin to re-think her closet...and all of that re-thinking got me to thinking.


What do you have in your closet that is most visible? What is it they say? You gotta see it to believe it? Well, you also have to see it to WEAR it....



SO, you guessed it! This is our quick assignment for the month!!

Whatever is most easily seen and most accessible where you store your clothes are the items that will get worn most often.  Who has the time to shuffle through all that STUFF looking for other things to wear? Who even remembers what is at the back of that deep, dark closet?


Now, this is not a overall cleaning or complete reorganization of your closet--we will cover that another time. Today, I just want you to focus on what is immediately in front of you when you open the door---are there items there that are:

  • not for the current season? It's August, so heavy sweaters and long wool pants need to move it to the back.
  • not for everyday wear? Fancy dresses that you would wear to a wedding or cocktail party have no place here. Move them aside!
  • not being worn at all anymore----(ahem, be honest about this--if you don't like it or wear it any more, let it go!). These items need to go immediately into bags, and taken out to the car to be delivered to the Goodwill next time you are out and about.

The space in our closet is prime real estate. Make sure that the things that are hanging out here are earning their keep & truly deserve to be front and center!!


Remember these assignments are supposed to be fun & only take you 15 minutes or set your timer, and clear out the stuff that is just in your way and costing you time each day as you get dressed!