Flowers for a Friend

I was so disappointed when I got to the flower market yesterday morning. I had to buy flowers for a Revealing Redesign photo shoot that afternoon, and I also really wanted to find gorgeous blooms to arrange for dear friends who are going through a rough time. I was hoping to walk in and just be inspired, find all kinds of fantastic flowers and foliage, be filled with creative ideas.


Blah, blah, and more blah. I came home with just one anemic bunch of daisies, and a dozen peachy-orange roses.

"Why did I buy these?!?" I thought to myself. Well....there wasn't much else...I guess it is better than nothing....hmphf.

I wandered out to the garden to see what I could find to round things out, and THAT is where I found my inspiration. I know, I know~I have played this tune for you before. Just the same, the hydrangeas were doing their thing and showing a carnival of colors due to the autumnal changes outside, my Ninebark shrubs were glorious in their dark purple, and the silvery green delicate leaves of my Bridal Veil shrub also beckoned to me. How beautifully they would complement each other!

Arranging them I felt so happy and blessed. A gift for my friends to cheer them, and also a wonderful gift for me.