A Colorful Girl

You know, Sweetie, I don't know if you know this....but  not all of us have the natural inclination to keep things tidy....

Sometimes people living under the very same roof can be as different as night and day!

Not that I know of ANYONE that would fit that description!

Although, maybe I could help you straighten your room a bit. Oh, and didn't you say that you felt things were looking a little too "little girlish"?  Maybe if we collected a bunch of things that your weren't using (like enough to fill the back of the car..a few times over) and donated them, we could make room for some cool new accessories.....Whatcha think? Are you game?

Nice try. Very effective. I know those "tears" are water from the sink.  Now let's get down to work! It will all pay off very soon.

Don't worry, we will make the colorful cast of characters feel right at home in their new digs.  SEE, they are smiling!

They may even feel MORE comfortable with all the extra elbow room.

And we will make sure that your artsy, sparkly style comes through.

You will still have all the things around you that you love!

And with just a couple of new things to add a more funky, tweensy fun vibe....

We have done it!


Now go put your socks in the hamper.