Bloom Where You are Planted?

About eleven years ago, I was wandering through the big box home store and stumbled upon some puny, sad little trees on sale. I stood there and wondered. Hmmm.....would those look nice? Not much to look at now....but maybe..... With an infant and toddler in tow, I somehow hauled a couple of them up to the register, stuffed them into the minivan, and even managed to plant them before they died. Amazing.

Much like the house they were planted next to, they were humble things with humble beginnings, but I hoped that, despite their lack of pedigree, they would find a way to be the wonderful trees I thought they could be...someday.

This morning those crabapple trees weren't thinking "well, I had better hold back. I'm nothin' special afterall...."

Nope. Those pathetic twigs in plastic pots have become glorious trees that are proud to be in full bloom, perfuming the breeze and intoxicating each bumblebee that flies by.

So, how about you? Are you proudly blooming where you are planted? Maybe your home isn't where you always dreamed of living, maybe it isn't  the style of house or the neighborhood of your dreams....but you can bloom there anyway.

When you arrive home each day, I hope you feel a sense of deep satisfaction and pride in where you live. I hope you feel that your home is beautiful and shows the world in some way who you are.

I hope you can put your feet up there, and feel that it is a place that helps you to become more of who you want to be. Have faith that with time, creativity, and proper nurturing the simplest of dwellings can become simply beautiful-plastic pots, twigs and all.

A Sensory Experience

With the many delights for the senses this past week..... I have been taken back to the days when my children were small & learning about their five senses. It was a wonder to see their delight as they experienced the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the world for the first time.

It is a bit sad to me that as we "grow up" we become farther removed from the joy and wonder of our senses. It can be restorative to remind ourselves to pay attention to each one of them once again.

To be mindful of each of our senses, one at a time, is a great way to slow down and really  appreciate all that is so good around us. And where better to do this than in our homes? Maybe the things that we love about where we live has become white noise to us, things that we no longer take in or appreciate.

Here are a few favorites that come to mind for me:

  • Hearing--birdsong, Mozart, the quiet of the house after everyone has gone to bed....
  • Sight--family pictures, treasured artwork, yellow daffodil buds emerging outside, the faces of those I love.
  • Smell--freshly washed towels, favorite meals cooking in the kitchen, coffee in the morning.
  • Touch--our comfy family room chair, soft blankets and sheets on the bed, my dog's velvety ears.
  • Taste--any meal I didn't have to cook :)...oh, and a glass of wine.
What are your favorites?? Please post them below!~Can't wait to hear them!!!

End of Winter Window Box

I put this arrangement together for a dear friend this past weekend...and thought I should share. So easy! And such a pick-me-up as we wait for the first day of Spring to get here! A trip to buy the flowers is the first step....and so much fun to see what looks good together and gives your heart a lift. I was drawn to these sunny yellow primroses and cheerful daffodils......:)

and the periwinkle primroses added such a beautiful fresh punch!

I had an old pine box--reminiscent of a outdoor window box--that I thought would be perfect for the container. I recycled a plastic Target back to act as my liner....

Easy as pie....just some snips around the outside, and stretch and staple the bag to the inside of the box...and then you have protected the wood and your furniture from drips and moisture from the potted plants.

Next, before putting the plants in place, you want to remove any spent blooms (known as "dead heading") so that the plant will continue to push new blooms up. You can do this by simply pinching the stem underneath the old bloom, thereby removing it. At this time you will also want to remove the colorful plastic outer pots or wrapping so that everything around the base of the plants can visually recede....

Now we can begin to place the plants in the box, and work out an arrangement that we like.

For this window box, I used two Daffodil pots and six Primrose pots...lovely!!  Feel free to squeeze the pots in tightly to give you a nice full looking arrangement.

After the plants are in place, the dirt and black pots will still be visible. The finishing touch is to use green sheet moss to cover all of this up and further add to the feeling of a lush, mini springtime garden.

Floral pins can be used to secure it in place.

Break pieces of the moss off  and tuck around the base of the pots, and soften the edge of the box...

Makes me so happy just to think about it!.....

and then you have your final product...a lovely window box that helps bring Spring to your home a few weeks early!



Signs of Spring

These cute Snowdrops looked so proud to have their picture taken. There are signs that Spring is coming everywhere...especially since our winter has been so mild.

As I went on my morning walk today, I heard all kinds of birdsong and saw all kinds of critter activity--everybody is excited for Spring! Busy! Busy! Busy!

This is the time of year when we all start to dream...bountiful vegetable gardens, forever blooming flower beds, hours to enjoy the outdoors...anything seems possible. What are you dreaming of with the days getting longer??