Have you seen this yet?? (Curb Appeal BEFORE & AFTER!)

Earlier this week I shared these pictures on Facebook  and wanted to be sure to share them here as well!

This facade project that has been in the works for some time is nearly done!

My clients reached out to me because they wanted to give their house a facelift and update its look overall...


At some point earlier in their home's life, a second story addition had been added to one end, using a slightly different colored brick, making the one side seem heavier than the other. 

I wanted to add elements that would balance out the facade and  all the roof surface area (especially since the house is lower than the street, and this is a BIG part of what you see from the curb), give the house more curb appeal, and mask the difference in the brick colors...

After many drawings, discussions, many more drawings, and many more discussions...then construction itself, here is the house now, nearly complete 😊

  • We added a portico (the little roof over the front door) to make the entrance more welcoming & more pronounced,

  • a horizontal metal roof line to break up the facade brick, and

  • two dormers with arched windows to match the arch over the front door (these are still awaiting interior shutters to match the other windows, which will complete the look)


Also, you may notice that a new roof in a complimentary color has been added, new pavers installed creating a beautiful front walk, new lighting at the entrance, and charming bronze/dark charcoal shutters added to compliment the metal roof and give the house a more welcoming look. 

It is great to see how much more personality and curb appeal this house now has. So exciting!