Frustration with a space you have never really known what to do with? CHECK.

A big blank wall you have no idea how to fill? CHECK.

A fireplace surround you have NEVER liked? CHECK.

OH, and nowhere to store all the toys and STUFF of everyday life??…CHECK!


This week we had a blast pulling this space together and putting all the finishing touches in place. To our clients, it was ALL OF THE FRUSTRATIONS listed above…but now that is longer the case. :D

We helped our clients to find furniture that was a better scale for the space, and reorient it so that it created better flow for the room. The fireplace was also redesigned, and hardwood floors refinished…

With all the details decided on, and installation complete, here is what the room looks like now:


It is possible to take a room that is nothing but a frustration, and turn it into your favorite space in the house.

As my client said as we were finishing up: “This is feeling so zen now….I could sit here all day!”

How wonderful is that??!? :)