This just makes my heart sing...(BEFORE & AFTER)

Life can be busy.

And with all the busyness, life can be overwhelming

Office Before.jpg

And on top of the busyness and overwhelm, sometimes we just don't have the time or know-how to make the most of the space that we have to work with--

in our houses....

the place where we are supposed to go to RELAX, UNWIND, and be NURTURED. 

Like me--and maybe like you-- this was the case for my client and her home office/music room. Lots of papers, children's school art projects, sheet music, letters, medical records from a difficult illness in the family...these things all had collected and gotten stuck in this space-- and needed sorting and systems to make them manageable.

Over the course of a few sessions, we diligently worked together, discerning what was important to keep, what could be released either through donation, recycling or trash, and then tweaked the layout of the room to give her a more productive work station and space to play music...

We settled on a new paint color for the walls, but still kept the sunny yellow accent that was at the back of the bookcases as well as in a painting she wanted to highlight in the room. 

With all the hard work of decluttering and planning and painting completed, we scheduled our INSTALL DAY (WOO HOO!) so that all the finishing touches could be put in place, pulling the room together and creating a special work and music space for my client. 

Here's what the space looks like now: (cue the swell in the soundtrack! :)

Office After 6.jpg

With so much less STUFF in the space, we had room to add some really beautiful touches, like new lighting, new artwork for the walls, pretty containers for storage on the shelves...

Office After 2A.jpg

and we put a new petite bookcase next to the piano so that her music could be categorized and be at just an arm's reach away when she needed it.  A special wall-mounted bracket on the other side of the piano holds a saxophone at the ready as well.

Office After 3A.jpg
Office After 7.jpg

With her workstation reoriented, the room feels more settled and welcoming, and she has more surface area for files and paperwork. 

office after A.jpg

This project just made me so happy. I am so proud of the results -- and the peace & beauty we were able to put in place. 

Office After 5A.jpg