You are already 80% of the way there...really.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 

Even if you haven't, I can tell you that you are most likely already 80% of the way there with many of the rooms in your house. Take a look, and see what I mean. 

That last 20% is huge though--both for getting the highest offers when you go to sell your house, or when you want to get the most enjoyment, peace and beauty out of that place you pay the mortgage on each month. 

In this space-- which we are prepping for my client so that she can put it on the market later this year-- we simply repurposed, restyled, and redesigned mostly what she had on hand. Some custom curtains that could look a bit dated were simplified and rehung, bedding was rounded out with new decorative pillows, new artwork was hung...

With fresh paint, a fresh perspective, and a few added accessories, it is now updated, simplified, beautified and ready to impress. 

Here are a couple of still shots so you can see the "Before and Afters" without having to watch it speed past in the

Master Bedroom Before.jpg
Master Bedroom After.jpg
Master Bedroom Before 2.jpg
Master Bedroom After 2.jpg

So, look around you and see all the possibility! You are already 80% of the way there!