I Thought Of You

Last week, as I sorted and folded, straightened and culled the items in my closet I thought of you. 

Do you know why?

Because when I started, I felt frustrated with my wardrobe, sick to death of my winter clothes, and I dreaded opening those doors to look at the same drab items I felt I had worn thousands of times over the past couple of months.  

Bet you can relate. 

But the clutter and frustration wasn’t why I thought about you. 

I removed things that I no longer felt joyful about wearing and I created space. That’s why I thought of you. 

Whenever we take a few minutes to put things in order, sort things, and get rid of things we no longer love (and maybe never did), I believe we tell the universe we are ready to receive new things, create new experiences, and have our lives filled up again—but this time with things that will nourish us and give us joy. We’re making room for things that will fill our hearts with possibility. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have moved a piece of furniture in a client’s home only to have them look at me puzzled and ask: “But what is going to go there now?”

I believe we often feel uncomfortable with empty space, and instead of embracing all of the possibilities it can contain, we rush to fill it with whatever is lying around. Or maybe we never make the move to create the space because we are too comfortable with the devil we know to invite in something unknown that might just be wonderful.

Over the years of helping people with their homes, I have learned that decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of junk. It is really about creating space.

So, this week I ask you two questions:

1.    Are there items that are taking up space in your life that might feel “heavy” to you, either physically or otherwise?

2.    What else could that space have within it, if given the chance?  What would make you feel light and joyful? 

I am thinking of you, and wishing you empty spaces full of the feeling of possibility.