Getting Your Ducks (Or Geese) In A Row

Just before I was about to reach the school driveway earlier this week (I was going to pick up my daughter from softball practice) I noticed the large flock of Canadian Geese that lives nearby, off to one side of the road. 

When I was only feet away from them, one silly goose who was closest to the road started to very casually wander into my path. YIKES!

I honked as I put on the brakes. 

But he paid me no mind.  He acted as if he hadn't even heard a sound, continuing to amble casually across the street. And then his buddy decided to follow him. 

And then another friend too...

Next thing I knew EVERYONE--all 15,000 geese (no, I am NOT exaggerating)--had decided to cross the road.  And I was going to get nowhere fast. 


So, WHY am I telling you about this?  It is because the way these geese crossed the road was meaningful, and we can learn something from it...



At first, these birds were all over the place. The message that 'IT WAS TIME' to cross the road had not reached everyone, there was no order, rhyme, or reason to how they were moving--disorganized pairings of feathered friends went to and fro (what are we doing? ohhh right, we are crossing the road!), stopping to preen themselves in the middle of the road even--why rush?!? But within a few minutes, the whole operation gained momentum and purpose. Their ducks--ahem, *geese*--were in a row. And they were moving forward!

It is like this with our houses when we decide we want things to change for the better. It can be messy at first, and seem to lack a plan. The other people we live with don't really understand what is going on (what are we doing??), and they may question your resolve (Ohhh she has tried this whole "organization" thing before. Ignore her--it'll be over soon enough).

The important thing is to remember to slowly keep moving forward-- putting one cute little webbed foot in front of the other, decluttering one drawer, one pile of papers, one bag to Goodwill at a time. No shouting, cajoling, or fretting needed.

Ignore those that honk at you. You are on a mission. You are going to get to the other side.

The momentum and purpose that is created is powerful. Big changes can happen in little baby steps taken one after another. I see this all the time with my Keep Moving Forward clients. Our meetings of just two hours each month completely change their houses for the better, and I am amazed & filled with gratitude each time I experience it with them. 

SO, set your intention. Walk on. Keep moving forward! Your peaceful, nurturing home is SO CLOSE... just a few purposeful steps away.