My House On Philly Mag's Property Blog!

I am so excited to share something very exciting that happened while I was away in Maine last week on our family vacation...

You see, back in 1996 when my husband and I bought our house, it looked like this:

And I cooked our meals in a kitchen that looked like this:

At that time I was working as a psychiatric nurse, we had no children yet, and we bought our house knowing that both of us longed for a creative project (well, okay…especially me).  Little did we know that the purchase of this house would help me to launch a business a decade later and help me realize a dream. 

And now, 18 years later my home and my business is featured in Philadelphia Magazine's Property blog. Somebody pinch me. 

You can read the article and see all of Laura Kicey's amazing photographs here.

Spoiler alert: the kitchen looks a little different now. :)

What an amazing journey it has been, and continues to be. I am truly honored, humbled and so excited about the future helping YOU to create a nurturing and beautiful home that helps you to live your life to the fullest!