Things Around Here...

Well, I have to admit that this year has been full of surprises. Some I have handled with more grace and skill than others. This past week was one in which I was completely not myself...and that was because my dog was completely not herself...


Two Saturday nights ago she lost the use of her back legs through IVDD, a disease that is common to Corgis, and a thing of which we were blissfully unaware. We thought we were going to have to put our beloved girl down, because it didn't seem like it was going to be possible to manage her care and have her enjoy a good quality of life.  I was just heartbroken and the kids were, too.

After many tears and trips back and forth to the vet, I was able to find help online that made all the difference. I am so happy to say that life is getting back to normal...a new normal!

corgi in sling

And thanks to a dear friend, we now have a beautiful new sling to help Hermione get around the yard and do her thing! We feel very blessed and so very grateful for the friendship, help and support of many people. Life is so good!