A Case Of The Blahs

Okay, so you have bought all new furniture, new carpeting has been installed...den before paint is fresh and crisp, a few items have been hung on the walls... so why does it still feel so BLAH???

den before 2


This is exactly what my clients were wondering when they originally called me. Even though they had bought beautiful, comfortable furnishings and had planned out how everything was going to go in the room, the space still felt flat and uninviting....

If all the major components are in place, what could be missing?? You see, what makes a room FEEL FINISHED and FEEL GOOD, is what I call the "top layer," the small but very, very important details that pull a room together and make it sing.

Here is the same space with the Top Layer added in:den after 5 a

Much better, no?


I wanted to add soft colors to the neutral palette, so we found a beautiful area rug to bring those hues in... den after aden after 4 a

Fabrics were selected for curtains and pillows that would pull out these lovely tones, and also make a feature of the stunning vintage art print my clients already owned.den after 3 a

And what to do to tone down & soften a big, black TV that is great to watch, but seems to dominate the room? A shelf holding lovely items above it, adds dimension and beauty and takes the focus away from the large hulking piece of modern technology...den after 2 a den after 7 a

Adding a bit of sparkle and life to the display spaces (a real orchid is a splash of color & is easy to care for) are the final details that make the room feel finished...den after 10 aden after 12 aNo more blahs here....just beautiful!