Mulch Ado About Nothing

Mulch AdoWell, last week I ordered 6 yards of mulch, and set aside this past weekend to spread it out among the gardens. SO EXCITING. After all of the construction around here (results to be revealed later this week!), I was really looking forward to getting the beds around the house looking their best again. Mother Nature cooperated and just gave me a nice sprinkle shower now and then with some cooling raindrops--she knows I can't take the heat, so this cooler, cloudier theme she was working was just perfect.

Sometime on Saturday I remember banging my ankle with the rake. OUCH. Considering all the other bumps and bruises, aches and pains I usually have after so much physical labor, I didn't think much of it....just carried on. Much to do! Mulch to do! lol.

However, sometime around 4pm on Sunday, I thought "hmmm...., something doesn't feel right." And today my ankle looks like it belongs more on a baby elephant than on me.

(I would include a picture, but the medical textbook aesthetic isn't what I was going for. ewwwwww)

So, I guess this afternoon I will have to take some time out to go to Urgent Care. I feel like that is our family's second home these past few months--not exactly the summer cottage I had envisioned. Hmpfh. 

Hope YOUR week is off to a good start and here's hoping all this swelling is no. big. deal.


Gimpy The Designer