A "Trip In Vain"

Okay. So this is where I was SUPPOSED to be earlier this week... photo

Ahhhh, Asheville, North Carolina. Such a beautiful place.

Instead, I was here:

Airport HellStaring at signs like this....Airport Hell 2Making faces that looked like this...Airport Hell 3while leaning on counters and talking to people who had talked to MANY other people who were far more upset and angry than I was. No fun. Airport Hell 4

These pictures were actually taken the day AFTER I was supposed to fly out of Philadelphia. I had spent 13 hours in the airport the day before, getting on and off the same plane that had some weird mechanical problem that eventually resulted in the authorities that be deciding that the flight was. indeed. cancelled.


I had gotten no sleep and no satisfaction. There were no other flights available to get me to Asheville, and as I stood at the counter pictured above, I learned two things: First, that my luggage had actually gone ahead without me to Asheville (thanks for throwing salt in the wound), and second, as the baggage agent informed me, my cancelled trip is in the airline business called a "trip in vain."

As my daughter would say, "well, NO DIP."

I was a bit frustrated, to say the least, and SO disappointed to have missed my business retreat that I have looked forward to for MONTHS.

However, it is always best to look at the bright side and make lemonade from lemons whenever possible. Before going to the airport on Sunday afternoon, we dropped our son off for his first time ever away from home--two weeks at sleep away camp!!!

Camp! camp! 2This was my husband's favorite site from the day. Every time he sees this picture he laughs. camp! 3AAAAND since I was home on Monday, and it was a gorgeous summer evening, we decided to go take in a ball game. G even brought one of her 'BFF's'--lol. So fun. GO BLUE ROCKS!!blue rocks 1 blue rocks 2 blue rocks 3 That is some pretty cool, sweet, & refreshing lemonade.