Independence Day--Let's Find Some Freedom For YOU!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope today you are full of a feeling of freedom and bliss!!Fourth Of July In my line of work, the thing that most often keeps people from feeling free is the excess of STUFF in their lives. So how does decluttering promote freedom?!? Getting rid of stuff that we don't love and don't find useful gives us...

  • Freedom From Guilt--are you still holding on to the cake plate that was a wedding gift from your Aunt Florence just because you feel guilty about getting rid of it?? Let it go (along with all of those negative emotions), and know that it doesn't mean you love Auntie Flo any less.
  • Freedom From Debt-having just what we need and love around us keeps things simple, and makes it easier to live within our means.
  • Freedom From Claustrophobia-less stuff means MORE SPACE. Nothing like some more elbow room to make us feel free.
  • Freedom From Dust-all those things that are kicking around in our house are things that we have to MANAGE and TAKE CARE OF. Give yourself freedom from more things to dust. Donate them and let them go bless someone else.

Declare your independence today! Promise yourself that you will spend just 15 minutes sometime this weekend clearing out things that you don't love and/or don't find useful. You will be amazed at how much more free your time and your spirits will be!