A Summertime Staycation--Just Be!

Our family starts each summer with a trip to Maine, where time slows down and we are able to just BE...Maine 2013 Maine 2013 2

sooooooo relaxing......


The ability to disconnect, recharge and just be is what is so restorative about some time away. But what about when we are back home and in the thick of things?? What about our busy, busy day-to-day lives?


So now that I am back in the office, I have been thinking about how, whether or not we are on vacation, each summer day is the perfect day to afford ourselves a "staycation."  If you aren't sure where to start in this process, your pets can be very good instructors. My officemates helped me to jot down my thoughts...being a cat

During the rest of the year, it seems we feel defined by our busyness, and busyness is the pervasive quality that describes our work, our weekends, and, I fear, our lives in our homes as well.


We often make the mistake of equating the value of something to the accomplishment, the completion, the meeting of the goal....however, life in our houses is never done. There are always dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded, floors to be swept, and papers to be sorted. Even in the summer! LIKE Always.


So, are you waiting for your checklist to be done, your hamper to be empty, and your Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot to be scheduled so you can really sit and savor summer in your home? Please don't. just being Thomas 2Be relaxed. Be curious...just being curiousYou know, just BE....

The reason we own our homes, other than the fact we need shelter, of course, is to hopefully derive some pleasure and enjoyment from them. Its summer--make sure you are taking time to do just that. Sit on the deck, sip some wine on the porch, and make sure you cut some of those beautiful blooms from the garden and place them on the kitchen table so you can enjoy them even more....blog hydrangea

Alright, I have to close now because I have SO much to do this afternoon (just kidding, just kidding....)