Working On My Own House (Ha!)

This week we have taken the first official steps to make some much needed changes to our house...and it is stressful.

I am usually on the other side of this equation, and I help my clients to make decisions that lead to stunning results, but with my own house the water can get a little murky...

As you can see, the siding on the newest part of our house is going south...mostly because it is ON the South side of our house, and the proper materials weren't used to begin with back when it was built in 1989. The windows have rotted (despite faithful and regular maintenance from my husband), the siding doesn't hold paint (once again thumbing its nose at my better half's hard work), and the insulation was never done properly. SO, as is often the case when we have worked on the house, I would like to not just make the repairs, but rather make the IMPROVEMENTS that I have been envisioning all of these years.


We are going to see what our budget will allow. I know at least that we will be choosing windows that are much more architecturally interesting and correct for the style of the house. In addition, the trim around the windows has always looked like an afterthought, and I am very much looking forward to that being improved upon.


I will keep you posted as things progress. Have to look at this as a window of opportunity....ahem.