Three Easy Steps--Your Homework This Month!

Step One: Pick a place in your house where you spend a lot of time--a spot that is visible to you most of the time that you are home... (the picture below is of my office windowsill...what I am looking at right now as I type this).

Step Two: Put a pretty vessel there with some with water in it...(anything will do--even a drinking glass from the kitchen).

Step Three: Plunk some pretty stems in it...ones that caught your eye at the grocery store as you did your weekly shopping.

OKAY!  So, that is your homework assignment!!! At this dreary, drab, cold time of year, I think this simple and inexpensive task is the most important thing we can do around the house to brighten things up and lift our spirits.


HOORAY!--be sure to comment and share below...Did you do the assignment? How did it change things around YOUR house??