Office Redesign?

Around the holidays, I realized that the way my home office was arranged was a pain in the neck...quite literally. I did not realize that having my computer monitor off to the side would result in my neck muscles finally getting so mad at me they couldn't stand it ANYMORE.  I guess I didn't hear their more quiet complaints, so they pitched an absolute fit...the results of which I am still dealing with. Thank God for chiropractors and movable furniture!


My office is now more ergonomically correct. I am looking straight ahead toward my future...and my computer monitor. In addition to moving things around, I also received a beautiful original watercolor (you can see it leaning on top of the credenza above), as a Christmas gift from my husband. It is a stunning piece painted in the 1930's by a Philadelphia architect depicting a scene from Bermuda--a place very close to our hearts.

Yesterday I took it to be framed, and I can't wait for it to be finished. I should have it back in about two weeks....

These two changes have spurred me on to start rethinking lots of things in this little room where I spend so much of my time. I am looking forward to working on this space...although, I have to admit that I find it so hard to design for myself. Decisions I would make very quickly for my clients without a second thought, seem to take forever, confound me, and cause much fretting when it is for a room of my own.

As new developments happen, I will keep you updated here.  Next month, a new rug!!....if I can decide on one, that is.