About Your Underwear....

I have been thinking that it would be fun to have an assignment we could do together here once a month.....

OKAY!  So, here is a homework assignment for YOU!!! (This will be brief....GET IT?? Underwear? brief?? okay...I'll stop...)


Grab a small shopping bag, a timer (the one on your cell phone will do), and your CAN DO attitude! We are off to tackle your sock drawer.

Why, you ask??

Because it is so annoying not have room to put away those clean socks and underwear when they come out of the wash, it wastes your time when you can't find the matching sock you need, there are probably at least six bras in there that you wouldn't wear even if your life depended on it,  five socks with holes in the heel, and two or three things that look like they belong to your Aunt Gladys (who is a nun, by the way) not YOU, you vibrant, alive, alluring person, you.


SO, set your timer for 10 minutes, and start tossing into that shopping bag all of those worn out, mismatched items.


When the timer goes off, set it for another five and quickly put like with like...neatly pile socks with like socks, underwear with underwear, etc.  Now SMILE! You have found space and created order in 15 minutes!


The final step: take the bag of castoffs directly to your outside trash bin. NOW. It doesn't need to linger taking up space or occupying your thoughts for one more minute!



Please post your comments below! What did you find lurking in back of that drawer?!?  Happy decluttering!!!