A Summer Mindset

 Where is your mind in the summer? Mine is somewhere on the coast of Maine....ahhhh.

Maybe you already own your dream summer cottage, maybe you get to visit yours as a rental....or perhaps just driving by while dreaming, or flipping through a magazine. We all have a favorite place that comes to mind as Memorial Day  ushers in the season.

Most of us cannot spend the next three full months away on vacation, but we can capture some of its essence and bring it home to our everyday house, making the summer feel so much more ...summery, you know. What are the qualities of a summer cottage??

  • simplicity--when on vacation we only have the things we need with us, and nothing else. How freeing! Start to create this simplicity by throwing away, putting away, or giving away at least 10 things in each room of your house and give yourself a vacation from all of that stress and visual clutter.
  • a slower pace--make sure you have time built in to your schedule this summer just to spend quiet time at home.
  • light and bright--put away heavier, darker fabrics and rugs (you can get them back out again come September), and put some accessories around that are colorful and airy. I bet you already have some things in your house that would qualify...no shopping needed. Think sparkly clear glass vases, white bed linens, a collection of sea shells from last year's trip....
  • fresh flowers--a little life in their room goes a long way. Flowers are blooming and leaves are unfurling everywhere right now, so be sure to bring some indoors. The kitchen table, your nightstand, the bathroom sink are all places that can benefit from a blossom or two.
Here's to a relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful summer at your summer cottage--wherever it may be!