Walk Through That Door

Have you seen the movie Temple Grandin, about the "different--not less," brilliant woman by the same  name?  Ms. Grandin is autistic, and because of  amazing ability to see things unlike anyone else,  she has developed revolutionary systems and machines improving the lives of cattle, making their lives, and eventual deaths, far more humane.

Many people had recommended the movie to me, especially because my son is also on the Autism Spectrum.  We watched it as a family last year, and we were riveted. Here is a clip that shows some of her revolutionary designs, and her ability to help many, many people have a different understanding of what it means to be Autistic.

I have been thinking a lot about that movie this week. Ms. Grandin thinks in pictures--something that, as a visual thinker myself, I totally can relate to. At times when faced with a major challenge, a terrifying next step she would have to take (something so difficult not only due to her diagnosis, but also due to the time period, and her gender), she would picture a door  in front of her, and then imagine herself walking through it.

"A door opened! And I went through it."

There is a door in front of me now too, as I explore new avenues and things that I want to develop in this business of mine. God, please grant me the courage to go through it.