Uncomfortable Where You Are, Unsure of Where To Go

Oftentimes, a new client will contact me because they know that their room or house in its current state is uncomfortable to them, and they are ready to make a change. What they are unsure of is the direction in which to go~Which path will get them to their destination? Which routes are too costly? They can even wonder what is the desirable destination, anyway??

So begins the process of finding our way! There are a number of things that help us on our journey. The questions below help to leave breadcrumbs, distinguish landmarks, and chart the course so that we can arrive at a space that is functional, beautiful, and just right for the people who will be using it. It is essentially drawing a map that we will use to ensure safe passage...

1. How do you want the room to feel when it is finished? It is important to be specific when answering this question, because a clear answer will help you to determine things that fit that feeling for you, versus those that DON'T.  For instance, a room in which you want to feel "carefree, and completely relaxed," should not contain a white sofa that has loose scatterback pillows always in need of straightening, and a coffee table on which you can't set down a drink without a coaster. Just sayin'....

2. What is the purpose of the room? What function does it provide for those who use it? Does this sound like a silly question to you? You would be amazed how often there are things in a room that have NOTHING to do with helping that room meet its purpose and support you. These things are there sometimes by default, they are taking up valuable space, and are just in your way. Answer that question with clarity, and move the clutter out.

3. What is appealing to you? Pages out of magazines that you are drawn to, rooms from favorite places in your past (like we talked about last week), types of fabrics, favorite colors, the list can go on and on. When you answer this question, go back to #1, and see which of these favorites evoke the feeling you want for the space. If it fits the feeling, then you can go on to see how you want to add that element to the room.

Vintage map image courtesy of BananaStrudel.