So Much Fun

Last week we visited a couple of our favorite old haunts, and we weren't disappointed.... Two antique stores housed in old brick mills in Strasburg, Pa that we have been visiting a couple times a year for as long as I can remember.

Nothing like a yummy lunch followed by a couple of hours of fun window shopping. So relaxing.

When I got home I realized that I took pictures of mostly of vintage toys. Something about them must have been pulling at my heartstrings.

So many neat-o old finds....

and old friends....(this is the kind of amplifier that my husband had when he FIRST started playing guitar--Does this mean WE qualify as antiques?!?).

It is so much fun just to wander around and see what you see. These vintage 1940-1950's dollhouses had my imagination running wild.

I love to look at the details such as the window treatments, window boxes, wallpaper, porch lights, lattice work ---and think of who might've played with these sweet little structures many moons ago.  Somebody should bring the baby carriage (is the baby in there sleeping?!?) and doggie inside....looks like they have been waiting patiently for an eternity!

This swallow detail had me swooning.....

not to mention this gorgeous Tonka truck. Can I have a full size one just like this? Please? Love the copper color and whitewall tires. Don't you think it would make a good first impression (or at least a memorable one) if your designer rolled up in this??

I will leave you today with this sentiment straight from the bottom of my heart:


What more can I wish for you, my friends.