Boredom in the Bedroom

Well, I don't know what you thought this post might be about..... but boredom in the bedroom, whatever kind we may be talking about, is not to be tolerated!

Just this past week, something made me take an honest look at my own bedroom....and I began to YAWN.

Now, it wasn't always this way. I have loved my bedroom and the things in it for a long time, but with all the other distractions, responsibilities, and things that just pull my attentions elsewhere, there hasn't been any love given to the space for the past few months. When I  took a step back and evaluated the state of things, the words "anemic" and "pathetic" readily came to mind--not really the vibe I was after.

It was time to get to work.

So, what about your Master Bedroom? Let's talk about what a Master Bedroom should be, and what it should not....

  • A master bedroom is meant to be a personal retreat from the world. When you walk in and shut the door behind you (and the door should preferably have a working lock~ ahem) you should be able to feel you are removing yourself from your day to day stressors and giving yourself space for quiet.
  • A master bedroom should not contain anything that pertains to your work.  I have redesigned bedrooms for clients who reluctanly went to bed at night because the space had a desk piled high with things needing their attention. It was the last thing they saw at night , and it greeted them first thing in the morning. No wonder they looked so tired.
  • While the room should not contain things that irk you, it should contain things that delight your senses: soft lighting, a variety of textures (think satiny sheets and nubby chenille throws), colors that you find soothing, fresh (but not overpowering) scents, and flowers and /or plants that bring life and additional color to the room.
  • And, most importantly, a master bedroom should contain order. If you have a pile of stuff on a chair in the corner, not only will you not have a place to sit, but you will feel annoyed. Annoyance is so NOT serenity.

I am glad to say that my bedroom is no longer a snorefest.

I bought some wonderful 300 count sheets in a soothing hue, found a decorative pillow that picks up some of the detail in the headboard and adds a punch to the existing color scheme.

Add some cuttings from the Ninebark shrub and Mexican Oregano plants right outside my front door, and the room comes to life.

Now the space is one that I am happy to retreat to after a long day.