Porch Planters!

At this time in the summer, with it being so brutally hot, there aren't many things that are blooming in my yard. I have thought many times about planting things that will bloom late in the season....hard to find ones that my resident groundhog family doesn't enjoy the taste of before I can enjoy its beauty....Also, as I plan to go buy plants, I usually melt as I walk to my car, turn on my heels and mutter something about "maybe in the fall..." as I duck back inside.

But I thought I would just share some of the plants that I am enjoying right now on my porch. I am so fascinated by their textures and interesting colors of deep green, sea foam, burgundy, chartreuse.

The contrast between the darks and lights, smooths and pricklies is beautiful, I think.

And they are happy to grow and thrive in the heat while the groundhogs don't seem to even notice they exist. Victory!