Office Update

Well, as I had promised myself (and you), I have been working a little each week on my very own office! It is hard to carve out the time, and it is also difficult to see what needs to be done since I work in this room each day. You know, it's a can't see the forest for the trees sorta thing. The painting above is one I picked up during our vacation to Maine a few weeks ago (ahhhh, Maine....) . Because I love it so much, and since it makes me feel so happy inside to look at it, I am using it as a centerpiece in the room to inspire colors and textures.

With any project that I work on, one of the first steps taken is to get rid of what isn't serving the purpose of the room--decluttering. I have been working on that and was amazed how even with regular purging in my workspace, there were still a whole bunch of things that were just hanging around clogging the works.

It feels so much better in here now! Freedom!!!

Now, to the task of finding the right storage containers to hold the things that need to stay....

More on that later this week!