Oftentimes, when great progress is being made on a project, a level of fevered excitement can waft in and settle around your head like a thick mist... just as you were really hitting your stride. Things are looking great! Change is visible! Wow, I see what we have  been working so hard to achieve! I get it now! This intoxication can override one's better judgement. The most recognizable signs and symptoms that this bug has infected you is finding yourself in a completely different area of the house from where you were working, arms flailing as you enthusiastically describe the improvements that are needed in fact, let's just open this drawer and dump it! TONS of stuff in here to get rid of!! Oh, and push that chair to the other side! I have always wanted a better view out that window!!

STOP.   You are engaging in activity that is equivalent to chasing one's tail.

My dog, Hermione,  doesn't even have a tail, and she would recognize this pattern in a heartbeat!

You know why I am writing this this morning? Because I need TO READ IT BACK TO MYSELF!!!

AHHH, summer is here. My work schedule is lighter, and I am enjoying time with my kids. What a great opportunity to work on some things around the house. Boy, there is a BUNCH of things I could accomplish! Oh, the possibilities of what I could do today!!

I have been making great progress (more on that later), but have to keep reminding myself of the thing I always tell my clients: focus on one thing at a time and see it through 'til it is done!!!

I will stay the course, and will have pictures to share very soon.

Good dog, Hermione!