A Different Kind of Design (at least for me)

During the past year I was asked to help redesign the look of Penn Medicine at Radnor's Radiology office. What a great challenge and opportunity!

The goal for the newly outfitted Women's Imaging suite of waiting areas was to create a soothing and feminine environment for the clients that come to have their annual mammogram or other studies.

I wish I had more "befores", since these were actually taken just after the painter had come and put on the new coat of the colors we had selected.

With the careful selection of new furniture, custom framed prints, new lighting and live plants, the spaces are now more soothing & comfortable.

An annual mammogram can be an anxiety-producing event. The redesigned environments hopefully make this a less stressful time for women and their families.

Here is the additional waiting area now completed :

The Main Registration Area was another area that received the RR treatment. Here are the "before's":

Again, sadly these pictures don't document all of the things that were changed/improved in the space. I snapped these after the painter had visited, and also after moving the existing furniture around to have a more welcoming layout. The previous arrangement of chairs had each group lined up along the walls like soldiers, with no breaks between chairs and everything following the exact line of the walls.

With a little creativity, a more intimate and appealing sitting area was created. New furniture, lighting and accessories again totally transform the space.

I am very proud of the changes and improvements made in these spaces. It feels good to know that the work I do can help a medical facility take better care of their patients, and create an environment that can be of comfort to those visiting.

Don't forget, that should be the case in your home, too! My hope is that your home is a place that you find to be beautiful and soothing also. How does your home nurture you?