Open it up! (Before & After!)

I was so excited when I was asked to help with this project…

My client knew that she wanted to open up her downstairs, brighten it up, and modernize the feel in each space…

Living Rm Before .jpg
living rm after 1A.jpg

As you can see, the living room has the same furniture…but with the new paint palette and accessories, the space feels completely different.

Opening up walls and rearranging how the kitchen was laid out was the biggest part of this renovation, and you can see what a difference it made…

Kitchen Before 2.jpg
kitchen after .jpg

New white cabinets with a sleek quartz backsplash, fancy new appliances and removing the soffit that capped the old cabinets elevated the whole space.

kitchen before 1.jpg
kitchen after 1.jpg
  • The dining room now is more a part of both the living room and the kitchen—all the better for entertaining…

Dining Rm Before.jpg
Dining Rm After.jpg

It is the same square footage, with mostly the same furniture…but with each room relating to its neighbor in a whole new way and with a whole new attitude and fresh beauty. Wonderful!