A Quick KITCHEN Before & After!!

Ok—so you don’t like your kitchen…but maybe you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Is it possible to reuse your cabinets? What could stay the same or be reused to help cut costs?? Maybe you wonder—”If I keep certain elements, will the room still feel like a new space?”

When my client called me, she knew that she wasn’t happy with the look of her kitchen anymore, but wasn’t sure what to do.

Before 3.png

We came up with a plan to reuse most of her existing cabinets, but created a whole new feel with a fresh color scheme, by reorienting the island, and creating a cozy eating nook on the other end of the room.

after 3.jpg

Some of the fussier details of the existing cabinets felt dated to my client, especially since she wanted a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Before 1.png

Oh, and the wood floor had taken a beating over the years, with kids and a certain doggie (yes, that is her chewed up toy on the floor above! hahah) running back and forth each day, wearing grooves and making scratches. Time for a more durable choice to come into play…so we selected this porcelain tile which was up to the task.

After 1.jpg

New hardware on the existing cabinets, a neat-o backsplash, and new espresso cabinetry for the island also helped to update things.

One of the things that I most love to switch out in older kitchens is the desk area. This was a popular thing to have in the 80’s & 90’s, but most often these areas are never used for anything but piling papers… and housing frustration. lol.

Before 2.png

Adding new cabinetry here at normal working height allowed space for a coffee/beverage bar —so great for entertaining and everyday use. ADDED BONUS** We reused the upper cabinets we removed here in the laundry room and made that space all the more functional too! **

After 2.jpg

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