Um, your potential is showing...(BEFORE & AFTER!)

Seeing potential is one of my special gifts, and it is always exciting to be shown a space that just has so darn much of it!

That was definitely the case when I first took a look at this project and met with my potential new clients…


My clients for this project initially contacted me because they knew they were ready to work on several spaces in their house—updating bathrooms, adding to an existing home office, and renovating their master bedroom and bath…


Not only did we do all of those things in our time together, but we also took a look at how to best use other adjacent spaces, and as a result, their master bedroom became a show-stopping suite with spa-like feel and lots of glorious elbow room. YAY!!

Take a look at how the space looks now: :)


Next to the master bedroom, on the other side of their small ensuite bathroom, was a small bedroom that was seldom used.


We talked through many options with the existing footprint of the master bedroom/bath, and through our consultations I showed them how annexing this additional space would take their bedroom to a whole new level, and also add a lot of value to their home should they decide to sell down the road.

Here is that spare room now converted to master bath—with its beautiful marble surfaces, luxuriously large shower….


and oh-so-convenient laundry facilities!


One thing that isn’t shown in these pictures, is the amazing walk-in closet that was also added on, giving my clients a large dressing room with tons more storage than they originally had in their 1960’s-era small closet.


We outfitted the new bedroom with clean, modern details and furnishings that have a calming effect overall, as well as a muted palette of greys and blues with lots of interesting textures, to compliment the colors of the finishes in the bathroom & pulling the suite of rooms together in a cohesive way.

after 7.jpg

The dark accents of the deep charcoal leather and ebony finish on the furnishings are beautiful contrast to the light & bright paint and soft carpeting…


And because of the extra space we brought into the room, there is now a reading corner as well—a wonderful luxury that makes the suite feel like even more of a retreat.

So much potential realized! My favorite! :D