Powder Room Personality (A Quick BEFORE & AFTER!)

What does your powder room say about you?? :)

I like to think of this small room in our homes as a great place to have a bit of drama, show off a little of your personality, and maybe be just a hint more daring with your decor...

This little powder room hadn't been shown much love since the 80's, but we saw that it had some good things going for it that just needed a bit of attention and updating...

Powder Rm After.jpg

Stripping the wallpaper & repainting the walls, refinishing the floors, and replacing the lighting were all great places to start in this room. The vanity was in great shape, but just needed a coat of paint, a new counter, and stylish sink & faucet to make it look completely updated. 

Lastly, we added the finishing touches with statement artwork, a dramatic large mirror, a soft & textured throw rug, and fun accessories-- and this powder room is now ready to pamper and impress both my client and whomever she hosts in her lovely home. 

Small, stylish, and full of personality! :)