Enough space for your DREAM space?

Maybe you have enough space to create the kitchen of your dreams...even though right now, you really, really don't think you do.

Let me tell you a little story about a cramped kitchen, and let it inspire you to think outside the box!

Here is what my client's kitchen looked like when we first started working together--

Kitchen Before 4.jpg

In her original phone call to me, she explained that her kitchen just felt too small--not enough room for the eat-in area she longed for that would seat her whole family when they were over for dinner. And the kitchen overall just didn't work as well as she had hoped. 


Well, let's see...

Not if I can help it!!

We looked at her house as a whole, thinking through spaces that were underutilized and pondering how we could better use the rooms she had. Right behind the kitchen was a space her husband used for his home office--but it was small and he ended up spreading out into the dining room when he needed more room to work.  

Once we started looking at rooms just as potential space-- NOT simply as the identity they currently held--we were able to reassign a large upstairs area for their office, and consider this downstairs room as a potential addition to the kitchen without having to build new foundation, walls or roof. YAY! (a HUGE cost savings).

Here is what the space looks like now in with its expanded footprint:

Kitchen After 2.jpg

Also adjacent to the kitchen was a narrow hallway and mudroom...

Mudroom Before.jpg

By opening up the space to the kitchen, and moving the laundry facilities to the second floor for convenience, this area now feels totally different--

Mudroom After.jpg

And across from this area-- what used to be the office--is now a spacious eating area for the whole family to enjoy!

Kitchen After 5.jpg

A smaller window in the room was converted to a large sliding door to improve access to the deck and give more light to the space as well.

Kitchen After 6.jpg

Here is a quick video we shot on our install day, which may give you a better sense of the space, and of some of the other design details that went into creating this new room:

Erin shows off the results of an exciting kitchen renovation.

SO, if you are feeling that you just don't have enough room to create the kitchen you REALLY want, take heart!

Kitchen After .jpg

The room of your dreams might be right behind your back wall, and right around the corner next to the mudroom! ;-)